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Raw Crystal Pendant
Liquid Gold Necklace & Cuff
Raw Crystal Earrings
Raw Crystal Drop Earrings
Liquid Gold Pendant Necklaces
Liquid Gold Streamline Earrings
Liquid Gold Streamline Earrings

Artist Bio
Olivia Shih is a contemporary jeweler, artist, and writer based in Oakland, California. Born in the United States and raised on the subtropical island of Taiwan, she brings an urban and multicultural perspective to contemporary jewelry. Olivia holds a BA in writing from Columbia University and a BFA in jewelry from the California College of the Arts. She also currently works as a freelance writer at Art Jewelry Forum.


Artist Statement

Olivia Shih's jewelry collections are often inspired by a single gesture, touch, or moment. Her Raw Collection is based on the haptic experience of concrete sidewalks and Brutalist architecture. Each piece of jewelry looks as if it was freshly mined and cut from the urban landscape. On the other hand, the Liquid Gold Collection gets its name from golden afternoon light, flowing across a pure white wall.